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May 9 to 12, 2024

Master Fidelity is set to launch its second-generation NADAC line at High End Munich 2024. Building on the legacy of the MERGING+NADAC, the new NADAC D DAC introduces several major technical innovations, including True 1-bit DSD for unparalleled decoding accuracy. This next-generation lineup promises to redefine the standards of audio fidelity. The companion NADAC C Clock will also be released simultaneously. The products will be demonstrated at the hifideluxe event at the Marriott Hotel in Studio 3 in Master Fidelity room from May 10 through 12. It will also be on display in T18 at the MOC Halle 4 from May 9 through 12.

May 2023

Most great audio products originate from a passion to excel. The NADAC story is no exception, and its origins can be traced back to the professional audio world. Merging Technologies has had a passion for delivering the best audio tools for recording since its foundation in 1990. The company has been pushing the boundaries of digital recording from the beginning. This small company near Lausanne in Switzerland soon found itself in partnership with two giants, Sony and Philips, to resolve the complexities of editing recordings for SACD. SACD uses a 1-bit high sample rate scheme called DSD, which is extremely difficult to post-produce in any way.

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4 weeks 15 hours ago

MASTER FIDELITY DAC and Clock debut at Hi-Fi Deluxe 2024 Munich by Merging Technologies

@masterfidelitymusic @mergingtech


1 month 23 hours ago

Hifideluxe is over !
What a show !
What a team !


1 month 3 days ago

Some famous faces admiring the beauty of the construction and the purity of the audio. Playing to packed houses at hifideluxe in Munich. Be sure to check the NADAC products from Master Fidelity. Studio 3, Marriott Hotel. Also in Halle 4 T18 of MOC. #DSD #audioporn #highendaudio #audiophiles #digitalaudioconverter #audiophile


1 month 3 days ago

Hifideluxe 2024 officially started !