One bit closer to Analog


Revolutionary True 1-bit technology, enhanced clocking and hybrid oven controlled power supply added to the best USB connection and MF Super Isolation Unit puts NADAC-D ahead of the game


An upgraded ultra-low-noise Master Clock to ensure perfect timing accuracy and lowest possible jitter for the most demanding audiophiles

Uniqueness is an Attitude

the world’s foremost digital-to-analog converter

Satellite grade Clock Crystals

Native True 1 bit Technology

Oven controlled Power Supply

Enhanced USB connection

RAVENNA network connection

MF Super Isolation Unit

Our World

Nothing but the very best

Who We Are

Master Fidelity, operating as Merging Fidelity Inc., is a highly esteemed Canadian company established in 2015 in Vancouver, BC, Canada. We are dedicated to creating and delivering premium high-fidelity audio products that cater to both audiophiles and professional users.

Our unwavering commitment to excellence has earned us recognition for several years as a featured reference DAC at the world-renowned audio exhibition, HIGH END Munich and other international events. The MERGING+CLOCK was rated as a transformational product by Grammy® winning producers and this was reinforced by sensational reviews in highly respected publications. This recognition is a testament to the superior sound quality of our products. Our extensive experience in developing the first generation of NADAC and its related components has provided us with valuable insights that we will incorporate into the next generation of our products.

Our History

Our company has successfully partnered with Merging Technologies to develop and promote the MERGING+NADAC audiophile D/A converter and its related series of products. Moreover, we took pride in spearheading the development and manufacturing of the MERGING+CLOCK and MERGING+POWER products, which have received global acclaim from the audiophile industry.

Our Mission

At Master Fidelity, we are dedicated to providing our customers with exceptional audio products that enhance their listening experiences. We strive to continuously improve and push the boundaries of high-fidelity audio through innovative solutions.

The sound of NADAC D is cohesive, precise, and has texture. This is especially important for the low frequency range that is impressively extended. When listening to jazz, blues, classical, vocals, piano, drums, organ, bass, there are obvious improvements in sound quality and precision compared to other technologies.

This is the sound quality we pursue !

Master Fidelity